🐱🎶🎼💂木琴奏者のフウカちゃんはソロで演奏するのが大好きですが、常に注目されていることを楽しんでいるわけではありません。 😅🔦公演でメロディーを奏でると主役🔆💃だけど、休憩時間は一人でお昼寝したい🔅😴

🐱🎶🎼💂Fuuka the xylophone player loves to playing solo, but she doesn’t enjoy having attention all the time. 😅🔦When she plays the melody during performances, she’s the star of the show, 🔆💃but wants to be alone during break time to nap 🔅😴

[A day at the toy store]【おもちゃ屋さんの一日】
😸Welcome to Fuuka's Chibigurumi Omochaya (Tiny Plush Toy Store)~
😺How may I help you today?
😀I'd like to get a Christmas present for my bestie.
😸You're looking for a Christmas present for your best friend? That's great! What kind of toys does your best friend like? Vintage or modern?
😅I'm not sure...
😸If you're looking for vintage toys, our best selling plushies are Cheer up Teddy and Blue-da-ba-dee-ba Kitty.
😸ヴィンテージのおもちゃをお探しなら、ベストセラーのぬいぐるみは、'元気を出す' テディー と 'ブルーダバディーバ' ニャンコです。
😺If your best friend prefers modern toys, you might want like our Squishy Puppy Bum, or even Spinner Carousel with Unicorns!
😺親友a様がモダンなおもちゃを好むなら、当社のスクイーズ パピー バムやユニコーンのスピナー カルーセルが欲しいかもしれません。
🫢Erm...actually, I'm looking for something else.
😸You're looking for something more than just vintage or modern? Hmm...how about our personalised blind boxes? Give us a photo of your best friend and we'll turn her into a tiny character. Would that make your friend the happiest person on Earth?
🤩That's awesome. Here's my friend's photo (while they are snoring asleep teehee😂). 🤲💵*finished making payment*
🤩良いですよね。これが友人の写真です(いびきをかきながら眠っています)笑😂。 🤲💵*お支払い完了*
😽Awww...they looked like they are having some sweet dreams. Thank you so much for your friend's photo and prompt payment! We'll contact you when we finished making it and will let you know when to pick up. Thank you once again for your patronage! Have a lovely day~🙇‍♀️😸❤️
😽ああ...甘い夢を見ているように見えた。写真と迅速な支払いをどうもありがとうございました! 制作が終わりましたらご連絡いたしますので、お引き取りの際はご連絡ください。改めまして、ご愛顧いただきありがとうございます!素敵な一日を〜🙇‍♀️😸❤️
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