🐻🎺💂~ Isamu the trumpeter from the marching band ~🐻🎺💂

📐📏Isamu the brown bear is around 1 centimeters in height, 0.5 centimeters in width.

🏃‍♂️💨He likes to play fast paced songs and lead the marching band. During breaks, you might hear him playing jazz. He's a fur ball of energy!🎺🤗👂

🐻ちょうどいい!内のベストセラーの 1 つは、お弁当人形です。人形は折り紙風に、おかずは家具風に。孫娘様はこれを気に入るでしょうか?
Welcome to Isamu's dollmaker shop~
🐻What are you looking for today?
👩‍🦳I'm looking for a doll for my granddaughter.
🐻May I know what kind of doll your granddaughter likes?
👩‍🦳She has a lot of western dolls, so this time I would like to buy an oriental doll for her.
🐻Just perfect! One of our bestsellers is our bento doll. The doll is crafted resembling an origiri, while the side dishes are made to look like furniture. Would your granddaughter like this?
👩‍🦳What a unique dollhouse! I will purchase this. Could you wrap it up as a gift?
🐻Of course! Let me wrap it with furoshiki.
🐻Thank you so much for your patronage! Have a nice day~

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