Rediculous (2022)

Rediculous (2022)

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Her name is Rosette, the rose maiden. Apart from ballet, she’s good at combat. As you can see, her weapon is a gigantic tsubaki/camellia which can be quite painful if whacked in the head. The red mushroom maintains the weapon, so she doesn’t need to send it away for repair. During her spare time, she serves cherry jubilee on a food-magnetic plate; the plate allows you to serve ‘side dishes’ on the sides. Did you see the fries and burger on the side of the plate? It’s so delicious it attracts a red butterfly and a strawberry fairy baby. Rosette can also paint without looking, with an easel on her head. Wow.
Saying “Now that’s ridiculous” is an understatement. Use the keyword ‘Rediculous’.

📏4.8 cm x 2.0 cm x 5.0 cm📐

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