Shelltered Life (2022)

Shelltered Life (2022)

These are the ingredients to make | Shelltered Life (2022) |

  1. Polaroids blooming with flowers
  2. Waffle
  3. Hardcover book
  4. Pearly seashell
  5. Crocosmia
  6. Lazy tortoise

Shelltered Life (2022)
Turbo the lazy turtle is basking in the sun from his cozy home built from blooming Polaroids, huge waffle as the flooring, and hardcover book as the roof. He doesn’t have to hunt for food as there are 2 vending machines flanking him; drinks and desserts on the right, snacks and main course on the left. A pearl fairy and an adventurous kitten lives on the roof, taking shelter under the gigantic orange crocosmia. It’s apparently raining upside down at the back of this altar-like house, with a hot air balloon, rocket and umbrella flying inverted.

Would you want to have vending machines at home?

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