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Konbini Friends Felt Pins

Konbini Friends Felt Pins

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Konbini Friends Felt Pins

Ichiko the Strawberry jam bunny 🍓🐰

She loves strawberries so much that she wears a jar around her head so she can lick a little jam bit by bit. She doesn't wear glitter as the shimmering jam is captivating enough.

MeroMero the Melon bun panda 🍈🥯🐼

He's the type who likes minimal things and do things efficiently. If you like to keep things simple but can handle a little surprise (he's wearing glitter!), choose him. 

Nappi the Peanut butter toast kitten 🥜🧈🍞🐱

She doesn't look like it, but enjoys pulling pranks on her konbini friends. For example, she puts peanut butter into MeroMero's bedroom slippers to mess up his routine.

Puupuu the Cup noodles piglet 🍜🐷

He's the diligent one, the one who silently does all the housework without complain. His konbini friends who notice have to remind him to take breaks.

Komiku the Chocolate chip cookie and milk puppy 🍪🥛🐶

She is easily distracted and exceptionally good at hosting fun events. You don't even have to ask, she's already your friend!

Hiko the Donut and coffee bird 🍩☕️🐣

Peaceful mornings with a cuppa coffee and sometimes donuts are what he cherishes the most. He enjoys reading and learning new things. You can often find him doing experiments or in deep thoughts.

Which kind of pin would you wear? With glitter or just felt?


Felt fabric

Fabric paint

Cotton stuffing

UV resin

Glass bottle (for display bottles only)

18k vaccuum-plated gold stainless steel/metal alloy (for accessories only)

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