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New Year Omamori Envelopes, Cards, and Stickers Instant Digital Download

New Year Omamori Envelopes, Cards, and Stickers Instant Digital Download

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🐰🐇🐾✨New Year Omamori Envelopes, Cards, and Stickers Instant Digital Download🐰🐇🐾✨

Print, cut, and paste. With 9 omamori envelopes designs, 9 bunnies, and 1 pattern, you can create 4 or more omamori charms to wish your loved ones an auspicious new year 2023!

(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) What do they represent? (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
健康 (kenkou) = health, bunny playing taiko (drum)
交通安全 (koutsu anzen) = traffic safety, bunny with sword and armour
家族守 (kazokumamori) = family protection, bunny cosplaying Mount Fuji
幸せ (shiawase) = happiness, bunny in Kagami Mochi (white rice cake with a mandarin orange)
商売繁盛 (shoubaihanjou) = good business, snow bunny (red eyed white bunny with green leaves as its ears)
縁結び (en musubi) = relationships, archer bunny in kimono
勝守 (kachi mamori) = success, daruma bunny (red suit)
開運 (kaiun) = luck-beckoning, bunny trying to be maneki neko (red bib)
学業成就 (gakugyoujouju) = education and grades, bunny as a scholar with a book on its right paw

This download includes:

  • x1 sticker sheet
  • x9 omamori envelopes
  • x9 bunnies for each omamori charm
  • x1 gift wrapper


  • 1 PDF containing 4 printable pages:
  • Sticker sheet with 9 characters for each omamori charm
  • 9 omamori envelope templates to cut, fold, and glue
  • 1 repeating pattern of Year of Rabbit characters that can be used as a gift wrapping paper, postcard design or the reverse card design of your omamori charms


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  • You will receive your instant download at the Order Thank You page.
  • Not for commercial use. For personal use only.
  • Refunds, exchange and cancellations are not applicable for digital products.
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